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Wood & Whimsy Downtown

Welcome Leclair's General Store and Cornerstone Design Co. to Fayetteville!

Industrial chic is what my hubby and I aim for in our own home. (We still haven't figured it out hah.) It's that perfect mix of metal, wood, and whimsy. Two very cool new shops accomplish this in spades! LECLAIR'S GENERAL STORE: Leclair's is hard to explain since it's an space that has a life all its own. Meetings go on next to coloring tables in an antiqued setting. Before I knew it, my hubby has escaped to the side-room of the past. He was like a kid sorting through antique knobs and fishing poles. Beloved local beers like Dirtbag Ales make this watering hole WAY BETTER than Starbuck's! Madeline's Pottery is being debuted here. My hand was a magnet drawn to the gorgeous rainbow-glazed pottery. Don't miss these handmade pieces!

CORNERSTONE DESIGN CO.: If you are are a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, you are about to get ALL THE FEELS! White-washes and dark stains, perky signs, and furniture handmade with love will greet you in this storefront Downtown. If I could date a light fixture, the wooden chandelier would be my cute new boyfriend! The shop is truly just a sample of the custom work this family can bring to life. Snag one of their large lawn games like scrabble and soak up the end of summer! P.S. If you need a family of models, the owners are stunning!

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