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Local Tastes Better: The Hungry Fox Restaurant

CLOSING TOMORROW! **Help me get their Cinnamon-Rolls sold-out!** Show yourself and your family some self-love, and order a sheet of these sweeties. All-American buns that taste like heaven. If heaven tastes like butter? (520) 326-2835 **15% OFF PICKUP ORDERS (Open 7am-2pm.)

Why The Hungry Fox? I promise you won't miss your triple-milled-lavender-kombucha-syrups. Nor your minion-foraged-rainbow-pepper hot sauces. Leave those crazy requests for someplace else. The easiest food to screw up has the FEWEST ingredients. This is where The Hungry Fox shines! Biscuits and gravy? They've got you! Those biscuits will be PILLOWY TO THE FORK. AND WARM. The gravy will be made fresh in the kitchen. My Mountain Man literally guzzled down his BISCUITS AND GRAVY before I could snap even half of his plate! After living in the South a long time, he never thought he could find country-cooking as good as this. Where else can you order a Jumbo Cinnamon-Roll as a brunch starter?! My kid was thrilled! The Cinnamon-Rolls here are unlike the 1,459,507 others I have ordered in my life. They are gooey ONLY on top where the mystery butter-icing coats the bun. None of this cream-cheese crap sweetened with ten cups of powdered sugar. Crisp enough to hold their gorgeous shape. Also spiced well with cinnamon, without overdoing it. #lovenote

BENEDICT IS MY CHALLENGE when trying out a new restaurant. Mostly, I want to see if the cook can poach an egg and not overdress it will gaudy ingredients. Mine was wonderful too! A touch of paprika on a bed on perfectly-poached eggs, crusty muffin, and creamy Béarnaise sauce.

Food has a way of connecting people. From people's bellies to their hearts, with their friends and loved ones. With comfort food as cozy as this, it's no surprise that their mission reads: "Enter as guests, leave as family." As a military-family, spotting an American flag outside a business, makes us about twice as likely to connect with them. It's familiar but also welcoming. It shows that we are seen and appreciated.

You know those DINERS ON TV? The ones wherein everyone is smiling? That is The Hungry Fox! As the world one day returns to a new normal, I encourage you to meet your pals here. Servers that smile BEFORE the tip. Just because that's how big their hearts are. Food you don't dare recreate because it came from a sacred grandma's recipe. (Though I did try. Thrice. Haha. Failing miserably each time.) A diner full of kitsch and kindess; serving up AMERICAN FAVORITES in Tucson for FIFTY YEARS! If that's not a testament to the food, I don't know what is. -Jane

(520) 326-2835 **15% OFF PICKUP ORDERS

637 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711

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