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The 5 Tucson Businesses that Saved this Mama from Burnout

Blessed to carry babies, but miserably sick, five local Tucson businesses carried me through. Sick or not, this is the dream team Mamas! (Click the highlighted names to learn more about you next favorite small biz.)

Sick in bed for months, equated to one very gross home. Heck! Even before a nightmare pregnancy, my home was a WRECK! While many women would admit defeat and either A) kill themselves to clean despite severe nausea, or B) self-loathe and leave the mess, I decided to be proactive and hire Kymm Phillips; owner of the Clean Culture Co. She is both supermom to four and a serious small-business owner with wicked high standards. Kymm floated into my home and quickled earned our praises for her "wizardy." Previous personal housekeeping experience make my standards for clean a little wackadoo. Well Kymm exceeded them all! Her PRICES WERE REASONABLE to boot. Score! Bathrooms and flooring are two areas that were hard to manage even on my best days. Many times that family announced an upcoming visit, I would panick, and Kymm was the very next call! She keeps you sane and your house sparkling! All the while, smiling and not judging. **Treat a new or expectant mom with a freshly-scrubbed home, and get a friend for life!

Vomiting seven times a day will lead you to try some pretty crazy things. If you would have told me to shoot garlic up my bum, I may have tried it. I though chiropractics were a hoax. On a whim, I called up bubbly Dr. Michelle Rupe-Switzer. Her private practice became SUNSHINE in my world of dark, depressing sickness. A prenatal-chiropractic specialist was the only route I felt safe with. Dr. Switzer takes a less is more approach while still delivering dramatic results. No scary cracking in her practice. The nausea I was experiencing, cut in half. Unexpectedly, my ENERGY SKYROCKETED after a few adjustments. No electronic devices were used that could harm the baby. A comfy belly-pillow was put into place during adjustments. I would look forward to appointments with her as if they were SPA-DAYS. Witnessing the change in my energy and reduction in my pain, my husband got hooked too. And we cannot wait to take the baby next!

**At only $35 per session, chiropractics are surprisingly affordable. It may be an unexpected baby-shower gift, BUT that mama will be thanking you long past the party.

With no family around to bring my poor husband and toddler a casserole, I was forced to order out a lot. This led to weight gain, and honestly, GUILT. Big-time guilt. Like I was failing as a wife and partner. (Traditional view perhaps, but I was making no money at the time, and felt more content when I was able to contribute baby-rearing AND cooking.) Enter Joseph Graves; a foodie knight-in-shining-armor. His own passion for healthy meal-prep stems from his personal journey of losing 100 lbs without restrictive dieting. Ordering food from WarFuel Kitchen is like hitting the EASY BUTTON! Not just for moms either! My entire family loves the fresh food. His recipes are full of fresh herbs and high in protein. The dishes rotate so boredom is not a factor. LESS GROCERY SHOPPING and cooking is a dream. Less funds spent eating out HELPED OUR BUDGET. A fridge full of delicious options after a long day was bliss. Once I began eating again, yummy whole foods were a treat! (Like my now favorite WarFuel Penne Bake made with homemade tomato-basil marinara. Or my hubby's favorite: the Truffle Burger stacked with mushrooms and a magic sauce for dipping the side of sweet potato wedges into.) Get WarFuel DELIVERED to your home, business, or pickup from their new storefront. **A few meals from WarFuel are the kindest gift you could give a parent or sick friend.

Laura Louzensky is the Owner and Master Aesthetician behind Skin Narrative. She is a freaking SKIN SCIENTIST folks! Though all of her treatments feel way more spa than science experiment. Her knowledge of skin, lymphatic systems, and more, is just mind-blowing. No fillers to be found here. Laura prides herself on HOLISTIC LOVE FOR SKIN. Over the years, I have had maybe a handful of facials. You don't know what your face is missing until you meet Laura! My favorite part of Laura's process is the MASSAGE. (Insert emoji-me melting into a puddle.) From the face to the shoulders, so much gets neglected. Amazing skin follows of course! For a J-LO-GLOW quick before an event, I recommend "Dermaplaning." Nothing will get you results like this so quickly or painlessly! Its like a baby razor that tickles the face. For hairy ladies like me, peach fuzz is replaced with skin smooth as a baby's butt. During my last visit, I was spoiled to try out "The Flow" Facial. Relaxation sometimes feels like my enemy. But darn it if the LYMPHATIC MASSAGE and reflexology didn't put me into a trance. Totally zapped of moisture (thanks bambino), ICY STONES felt sensational following a hydrating mask and moisturizer. I call it the "Elsa" Facial. Imagine this bliss come 110 degrees...
**Pregnancy can feel so limiting. Laura worked with me and her favorite local-organic skincare line to create natural facials full of organic product. No endocrine disruptors to worry about. No fake fragrances to give me a rash. Instead, creosote jojoba face oil that smelled like desert rain. Prickly-pear chapstick so buttery I checked the ingredient list for lard. All around heaven for moms.

How many hair stylists will prop up their clients with pillows and towels to make them feel comfortable? Founder, Stylist, and Color Specialist, Cass comforts pregnant mamas with LOVE and thoughtful details. Twinkly lights seduce at the shampoo bowl. Fizzy water makes clients feel glam. Lots of happy plants make Belle Starr Salon an OASIS IN THE DESERT. Walls of local art and handmade goodies invite CULTURE into your self-care day. How many moms get to experience that anymore? Cass will work with you during a consult and capture your beauty in a way you can replicate at home. TELL HER YOUR TRUTH. Are you only going to spend 5 minutes to do anything with your hair? Is your idea of styling, clipping in a fancy bobby-pin? Cass' twelve years of hairspiration "show out" in her cuts and colors. Get excited because she is about to give you your CONFIDENCE BACK! For even more glossy info, read my local spotlight on Belle Starr Salon: How to Rock Your Mom-Hair. **Choosing self-care is nearly impossible for moms. Mother's Day is around the corner and where there is a gift card, there is a way.

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