January 07, 2020

VoyagePhoenix-Local Stories

PREVIEW: "As a mom to one, (soon to be two littles), I couldn’t hack it with full-time work. But I wanted badly to continue sharing the local lifestyle. That’s when I decided I was going to invest in local Arizona businesses one adventure at a time. Maybe I won’t be working with angel investors in the next five years. I WILL be creating ripples they notice. By getting small business more visibility with an authentic following. Because we want amazing experiences, food and otherwise, for our Arizona families."

May 08, 2018

CityView Magazine: Refreshing Treats

Exotic and local sips on display to quench your thirst for summer! Lychee martinis and Peppermint Boba are sure to brighten up your palette. Alcoholic and not, with appetizers to share, it's time to dine on patios.

February 28, 2018

CityView Family Magazine: Baby Love

Motherhood made easier with gritty details and must-haves. "It’s grueling. It’s joyous. And it’s the most important team activity out there! " 

October 03, 2017

CityView Magazine: The Giving Story

Soybeans and scales. First Presbyterian is on track to raise $1 million dollars this year with all hands on deck. Volunteers ages two, to eighty-two all coming together to stomp out world-hunger.

May 01, 2017

CityView Magazine: Military Spouse Superstars

Mil*spo (noun): a military spouse who is resilient, confident, empowered, dedicated and entrepreneurial. I sat down with a handful of dedicated and successful milspos who are rockstars in our own community.

April 29, 2017

CityView Magazine: Fayetteville's Best Tradition

The last weekend of April, from the 28th to 30th, people come from all over the country to enjoy live music, regional foodie favorites and art. Visitors experience North Carolina's local and favorite small businesses. A staggering $4.5 million impact is projected just this year!

March 07, 2017

CityView Magazine: Pressed-A Creative Space Downtown

Ashley Thompson began her entrepreneurial "hustle" in the hallways of high school selling Avon out of her backpack. Her boutique: Pressed - A Creative Space shares the beauty of locally-made crafts while hosting innovative Workshops. It's anything but mainstream.

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