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Local Tastes Better: Agave Pantry

Those Pinterest farm lives we all covet? Shazieh Gorji actually lived that life in Pakistan! Growing goodies in the garden before wielding them into delicious dinners for friends. Baking the days away. Throwing pots (ceramics) during the moments in between.

Culinary school marked her move to Tucson, AZ. A fondness for experimenting with flavors led her to to pursue a cottage license from which to operate a bakery (from home) here in Tucson. Aren't we just the luckiest neighbors?

Keeping it quaint: hostess-with-the-mostess Shazieh fills each Linzer heart with raspberry jam sifts every sugar "snow", twists every gooey lavender caramel, herself by-hand, in her lovely casa. Many elements of which are cut and CRYSTALLIZED FROM HER GARDEN. But don't let the romance fool you! Rigoroous sanitizing and organizing is essential to successfully bake off tens of cakes. Cranking out confections into the wee hours, juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship, Shazieh manages it all with grace. Even gusto!

"My drive is a revolving door that circulates and feeds others and in turn, itself. I get juiced experimenting and trying new flavor profiles. I taste, taste, taste and love the process of blending spices and herbs until the right balance is struck. The process itself fuels my drive and keeps it exciting."-Shazieh Gorji

Tea time is precious to celebrate with treats, as pictured. One holiday box coming up! As a sweets-a-holic, I will tell y'all: THAT CARAMEL CHANGED ME! My feelings now run deep for the flavor of Shazieh's lavender caramels. La Princessa of the ball was really the mini-Persian cake. Cardamom, almond, pistachio, and rose are balance sweetly in the most fragrant and romantic desert one can imagine! A SWEET + SEXY story accompanies the bake:

"A young woman who fell madly in love with a prince. She baked him a cake infused with saffron and roses (aphrodisiacs) , cardamom and spice, and sprinkled with pistachios. She then carefully blended and folded her desires for the prince into this creation; and presented it to him with the intention that he would have eyes only for her, forever more. He made love to her all night after eating this cake!"

Since not every local-foodie has an Agave Pantry in their pueblo, gift one confection, or many in the tastiest assorted boxes, this holiday. They ship far and wide! There is rarely a gift better than TREATS THAT TRANSPORT YOU. Especially with all of our hearts begging to be transported this holiday season.

WARM UP A SOUL and shop the sweetest small business at p: 520 343 5788

What are your recommended Agave Pantry goodies for Thanksgiving PORCH DROP-OFFS? Maybe even for a friend to feel less alone during the holidays?

"The Caramels, Amaretti’s and Rosemary Heart Cookies are a perfect porch drop off for a friend to indulge themselves. For a larger family, the special holiday ‘assortment platter’ or even a dozen fairy cakes are so festive and cheerful. I’m also offering 4” small Persian Love Cakes to preorder and pick up the day before Thanksgiving, and I’ll open up a preorder for Christmas, as well."

What ships and when? As far as AZ? Maybe further?

"I ship throughout the year and across most of the country via my online shop. The amaretti’s, caramels (not in the summer) and unfilled cookies all ship really well. Salts, linens and pottery can be shipped anytime of the year. I also curate custom gift boxes with customers for birthdays or anniversaries."

Sending you BEAR HUGS for supporting small business! Y'all are the make-or-break that keep magical businesses like Agave Pantry alive. Love, Jane

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