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Small Business Spotlight: Grinz Orthodontics

​Taking Care of Local Families- Orthodontia can be painful to the mouth AND your pocket book! Leading many families to believe that braces are just out of their reach. Grinz Orthodontics takes that pain away by caring for families and patients who need a hand with financing. Besides accepting all insurances, the Grinz family offers 0% interest in-house financing. That means they do not profit off of your pay-for-braces-later loan. Because they care. And because it’s the right thing to do. Grinz teams passionately meet families where they are financially to make sure they receive the care they need. No referral needed.

In this age of intimidating masks and ever-changing environments, children need extra kindness and patience. Imagine arriving at the Grinz office nervous for your child, trying to put on a brave face, and then being greeted by the TOOTH FAIRY! Dressed to the nines in wings, a big smile, and even a tiara. That is the thoughtfulness Grinz puts behind their practices. Your child will have pleasant memories of orthodontia. An oxymoron up until now.

Most baffling is the recommended age of intervention: SEVEN. Why is that? The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the “golden” intervention at age seven because of bite issues (either inherited or injury-caused), spacing issues of teeth, and jaw-growth corrections. Once the Tooth Fairy takes all of the baby teeth, bones harden. For TEENAGERS this means correcting all the problems in their mouth after they are “set in stone.” Or rather, bone. An early intervention can PREVENT dental extraction and invasive oral surgery needed as an adult. Wishing your parents had planned ahead, aren’t you?

Teens can be cruel. No doubt! Receiving corrective braces while learning-from-home makes teenagers breathe a sigh of relief. Fewer classes missed for orthodontia appointments since the online learning can be easily made-up. Teen patients won’t have to fuddle for wax in their lockers, in between classes. At home, they will be most comfortable, and the days spent in braces will go by more quickly. Best of all: when teenagers return to school, they can breathe easier, showing off their smile!

Now braces are not just for chicos. Niños. Kids. One in five adults needs braces too! Some of us made it three-quarters of the way through orthodontia. At which point, money got tight or we lost that retainer. Heavy sigh. Grinz Orthodontics wants to help complete that treatment so that you can feel your most confident when you smile! Clear removable aligners (Invisalign®), clear ceramic braces, (rubberband-less) self-ligating braces, and traditional metal braces, are all options.

If you are still not convinced Grinz is the home for your teeth, read one, or a DOZEN reviews! Every single one is five stars. Not from a bot. Or their staff’s great-aunt on Google. These starry reviews are from patients. (Mostly) families grateful for Grinz teams who welcome every child and treat them with care. The pocket books and schedules of patients (and their parents) are treated equally with care and respect. Most of all, the reviews RAVE about the technical ability and explanations that the Grinz staff so easily provides. Zero pressure. Zero time wasted. The initial consult is even free!

Dr. Richard Ziehmer is a native Tucsonan, Wildcat Alum, and family-man to two beautiful children. Dr. Ziehmer leads with a culture of appreciation, both of clients and his staff. Along with his fellow Orthodontists and partners (Dr. Salim, Dr. Blase, Dr. Bernstein, and Dr. Mills). Happy teams make for happy clients. You really want happy (professional) people working on your mouth!

​NORTHWEST TUCSON: 7488 N La Cholla Blvd Tucson, AZ 85741

Phone: (520)297-7575

EAST TUCSON: 6373 East Tanque Verde, Suite 110

Tucson, AZ 85715 Phone: (520) 296-1700 GREENSBORO: 4016 Battleground Ave, Suites G & H Greensboro, NC 27410 Phone: (336) 285-7177 ASHEBORO: 513 White Oak St Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: (336) 625-2044

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