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Local Tastes Better: Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin

One serious case on the Monday's prompted me to escape into the mountains. Little cell service, and loads on nature. Just the remedy for my fried brain. 30 minutes into the drive, I was gawking at the layers of mountains, appearing blue in the distance. By 45 minutes, the elevation was 8,000 feet and the view was spectacular! Two dining options are nestled on Mount Lemon's top: Sawmill Run Restaurant and the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin. After one look at the $20 sandwiches at Sawmill, I RAN to the Cookie Cabin! Large logs and rocking chairs welcome you into the place. I (shamelessly) had scarfed down all to much cookie dough the night prior. The other half of the Cookie Cabin menu was dedicated to pizza.

The Eats

Crispy. Fresh. Pizza. Imagine pizza smells amongst pine trees. We are talking HEAVEN here! I ordered a large cheese slice, hubby ate classic pepperoni. Crust that crunched, and a thin layer of sauce, made us both very happy. This sort of foodie carb-load was also necessary for the hike that followed.

We'll be coming around the mountain again soon for that cookie sampler!

Cookie Cabin 12781 N Sabino Canyon Park Tucson, Arizona 85619

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