The Who


Arizona-raised and North-Carolina grown. Neither of my parents cooked during my childhood. This led to a life in restaurants. Life was split between urban Tucson and mountain town Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.


College took me to the Mountains of Flagstaff. Where I began (and should have stayed) a Hospitality Major. The Spanish professors were just so much cooler! Recently, I received a certificate in Business Administration. Since most of my work experience has been in marketing, it was time to get it stamped on paper too.

The Army took my high school sweetheart and I to begin our married lives in the South. North Carolina has pushed me to grow as a writer, and more so as a person.  2018 marked a new chapter as civilians back in Arizona and new parents. 

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The Why

I love connecting people. Creating the bridge between localists and small businesses is my jam! Tasting and traveling does not hurt either. Entrepreneurs are too busy sometimes to tell their story. That is what I'm here for.

The hum of a printing press was the setting for my first family business. I watched from a young age as my Dad marketed from the office to the dinner table. Heavy lifting on a family landscaping crew humbled my teenage angst. Supporting a community of makers, shakers, and doers hits close to home.

Loving Local Everyday,