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Parisian Vibes Under $100

Local stout and white chocolate made up this mousse art piece, fresh baked macaroons had me swooning (GF available!) THE WINNER: Baklava Croissant!! I visited Raleigh specifically to taste this and boy was it worth it! -lucettegrace Imagine a Shabby Chic village in grays and whites, now open your eyes... you are at Vintage Village! Huge vintage tin signs made up one cottage, while the next was filled with rare pyrex patterns. Take the whole family, I promise no one will be bored! -Vintage Village Since it was Paris-inspired adventure, it was only fitting to find a chic accessory a French fashionista might wear. Boho Bandeau was just the ticket! One part scarf, one part headband, one part ponytail, this is my new go-to and I want it in EVERY pattern! -DECO Raleigh

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