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Shop Local Santa

Spread cheer with one-of-a-kind LOCAL presents all year! Well let's start with Christmas, since you will be shopping already. If you don't find wrapping gifts very Pinterest-ing, leave it to the local shops to wrap them up with flair. Lots of times for free!

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Be eco-friendly and unique by placing your presents in antique boxes.

-The Cotton Exchange Do you make world-famous treats? Find a festive pyrex pattern and give 2 gifts in 1! -Shops123 on Hay St

For the ALREADY-OWN-EVERTHING's: This handmade felt birdhouse is even more gorgeous in person! -Cape Fear Botanical Garden

For the NATURAL BEAUTIES: Bushy tails is the hippie line that actually works! Organic coffee or lavender Chapstick will be in everyone's stocking this year. -Bushy Tails

For the SUPERMOMS: Looking for a yummy + nutritious dinner with no dishes? These soups are packed with vitamins and my Lumberjack liked them! -Mountain Momma Organics

Have a wonderful Christmas and don't forget the reason for the season,


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