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The Green-est Spa in Tucson

An organic, eco-friendly oasis is open for business in central Tucson. Be Green Salon and Spa does not use the word natural as a marketing gimmick. This nearly zero-waste, non-toxic, and vegan spa, is breathe of fresh air to the spa industry in El Pueblo. My nose could not pick up any fumes! How rare is that? When pregnant women are advised to skip out on nail salons, that is a clue to their toxic environments. I have sat for pedicure sat a few "greener" spas in Tucson, and Be Green is far and away, my spot!

Glamour can be tricky when you're hippie-dippie like me. Fortunately, nail and skincare specialist Gloriana. Oh, and OWNER, combines both for an experience out-of-this-world. Quite the opposite of a nail booth in the mall, Glorianna cares for her clients thoughtfully and HEALTHFULLY. As trained by many pedicures prior, I found myself apologizing for ingrown toes and unshaved legs. Gloriana so genuinely put me at ease. She nodded that she likes to be challenged and explained her passion about making my nails even better. All while smiling. I could relax.

River rocks underneath your feet? Few things have ever felt better on my size 11's. My tense toes churned like butter, as the acu-pressure took affect. Each new holiday, Gloriana craft a new spa pedicure. "Red White and Blue" was my experience for July Fourth. Strawberries, epsom salts, and blueberries followed the theme. (For the fall season, she whips up special spiced-treatments. Even incorporating ingredients like chocolate for romantic holidays.) One lovely cocktail of fresh strawberry and brown sugar were scrubbed onto my tired legs. At this point I was nearly drooling. Glorianna joked (maybe) that some clients take a taste of their edible body treatments. I was tempted. Hah! The Grand Finale was a Marilyn Monroe moment. Pearls between your toes. Another initiative to cut down on wasteful foams. Your feet are treated like royalty. Then Glorianna gives clients the space and pampering to recharge.

**Beauty-industry babes: Gloriana has booths for rent in her nail studio and hair salon! Her small business is EXCEPTIONAL. Should "nature is best" be your motto, this is your home.

**Your first appointment prompts a $10 discount! Then every guest who uses your name as reference, gets you another $10 discount. A whopper deal for B-E-A-UTIFUL nails! Be Green Salon & Day Spa 3200 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716 (520) 975-4559

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