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Local Tastes Better: Charro del Rey

Fabulous seafood but wack-a-doo service. Let me explain... My dining possé consisted of me, my husband, my baby, and his great grandmother. A reservation was made online days ahead. When we arrived ten minutes late, we were "greeted" with heavy sighs and a scowl by the man at the host booth. It was Mother's Day. It was AWESOME. Then we sat for ten minutes without so much as water. Our first waitress walked by, looked at us sort of scared. I swear we weren't snarling. Thank goodness I had packed my baby his own cooler! At least he was happy. On our way out the door, server Katie kindly offered to take over our table. She was sharp and so friendly! She is the only reason we ate. On to the food:

(Favorites have ****)

Artichoke al' Horno. Shaved jalapeño and citrus aioli wow your palette amidst garlic and olive oil. A fun take on a veggie. A little tricky to eat through the layers. Asparagustos. Noaplîto spears and asparagus topped off with a mild hollaindaise. Perfectly tender and kid-friendly.

****Brie Time Baby. Chorizo and brie AND bacon-plum-salsa. Died and went to heaven! All three of us. The jammy salsa, I would pay $30 a jar for! Some way or another, it cuts through the fatty brie. Order this only when you want to share. Hah. Lobster Tamalada. Tamale-stuffed lobster. I hope you're reading that right because I sure didn't. When the seafood tamales I ordered showed up as a giant lobster with tamales inside, I laughed out loud! Happy Mother's Day to me I chuckled. Oops. I immediately turned to my husband, and thanked him for spoiling me. The tamales were the standouts. Though is lobster ever bad?

****Mussels Borrachos. A trendy take on surf & turf, chorizo and mussels. Not one mussel remained! And our table ordered two of these dishes.

Tres Leches Cheescake. Sweet but just okay. Left wishing for either more texture or punchy flavor.

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