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Local Tastes Better: SweetScape at Casino Del Sol

Sipping cocktails by the pool may be a fantasy to some. Lapping up a gelato-doughtnut sandwich is mine. That fantasy came true when SweetScape Desserts opened its doors. Sprinkles and sweet cream SCREAM FUN! Breeze over the Bingo Hall, and wafts of just-baked doughnuts will hit your nose, and the nostalgic cases of ice cream will woe your heart. Casino Del Sol is markedly, a foodie hotspot. PY Steakhouse sets the standard for innovative and luxe dining experiences in Tucson. Ume Sushi keeps its guests guessing with sushi, duck, and steamed buns. So it came as no surprise when Casino Del Sol blossomed into a complete round-robin dining experience with dessert at SweetScape. I am picturing drinks and nigiri at Ume. Then a fine main course of pork shank at PY. Followed perfectly with cool sorbet at SweetScape.

Sourcing local ingredients is not always easy. SweetScape continues Casino del Sol's tradition of making this a top priority! Pastry Chef Gina Skelton sources local produce and local dairy that is made into namely, gelato. Everything on the menu is made fresh, from scratch, DAILY. Mo-Sun 7am-11pm. How amazing is that? That shows the commitment from the casino to us! The foodies. It's hard to believe all of the goodies that are delivered through SweetScape's window. Doughnuts, milkshakes, gelato, breakfast brioche, lattes, bagels, brownies, and cheesecake lollipops. Until you eat your way through the menu, you won't believe it. (It's casual dining at the Casino. After all, there is so much to see and play!) Vegans and gluten-free foodies alike: Sweetscape sees you. Chimoy is a classic Southwestern flavor. Sweet. Sour. Complicated and delicious. Mangonada sorbet is a play on the tantalizing Chimoy and was my absolute favorite flavor. Even over the gelato! Carmely Dulce de Leche over hot coffee equals an affogato from heaven! You may have to convince them of this order but it's worth the coaxing. Sugar-free and sweetened by Stevia, are scoopss like Vanilla Bean. There is a pint for every palate. Come summer, I will be back for my milkshake by the pool. Desert in my opinion, is appropriate for any mealtime. If however, you are a tad more conservative, order the brioche and croissants. Filled with more savory proteins and much easy to hold. In case you are winning big at slots. Over my whopping 27 years, I have eaten exactly 13,467 croissants. And continue to pretentiously (yet correctly), order "qua-sans." I am saying the "qua-sans" at SweetScape Desserts are fabulous! Flaky and buttery and the same time. Prices are even better. All on par or beating chain prices.

Local Tastes Better by Jane Loves Local

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