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Gems, Gems, Gems!

Shame shame you know my name. And my name is CHOCOLATE! Like a siren to a seaman, I was lured into Monsoon by chocolate gem bonbons. The creamy complexity of these chocolates made me exclaim things. Basically foodie expletives for “insanely good!” Is this what chocolate is supposed to taste like? Forever more, my palate and standards are spoiled. Monsoon Chocolate’s bonbons are the very best things I have ever put into my mouth! ---See all of the lemon curd, prickly pear, and blood orange fillings on Instagram @janeloveslocal Now for the REAL STONES: As a middle-school student in Tucson, I worked in-trade for a local bead shop. A Beacou Conge was once a group of bead shops designed to teach newbies how to tackle the art of beading. I worked half a year to save up enough dough to buy a stand of rose quartz. It called out to me y’all. Beneath the glass case. Beside its boogie gemstone buddies, it called my name! Each bead of quartz would shine through tens of facets. That strand is now sitting in my underwear drawer. One resolution this year is to create more. Jewelry is a big piece of that goal. The gem show pushed me into action! Handmade. One-of-a-kind. Exotic. Vendors at Casino Del Sol had all those and more. ---Entrance and parking are free. The expo opens at 10am. Shown: 9 local Bonbons crafted at Monsoon Chocolate. Amazonite for a mala in-the-making. Artisan-made shell beads from Beads and Honey. Natural wood beads with shell inlay also from Beads and Honey.

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