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Date Night at Lights of the World

Tucsonans go HARD for Christmas! Maybe it's the snowbirds who take pride in their displays. Perhaps it's the longing for a snowy white holiday in 70 degrees. Whatever super-Santa-powers this desert city boasts, it upped the ante this year!

How many light shows have you attended that were designed by artists, flown in from China? That is why this one is so good. The towers of cheery lights are fun and festive but it's the ART that makes this show special. Look as closely as you can at the Dragon. Notice the touches of Asia in the decorations at sea. Lights of the World is one part: epic beauty, one part: childhood nostalgia, and most importantly: a dose of another culture. Date-night Tips: Be "cold." But really, PRETEND! If you want to be cuddled that is. Share a funnel cake and kiss the sticky mess of sugar off of each other. Young people- enjoy racing down the slides. For first-dates, take part in the cheesy carnie games. Slay the rubber ducks, and win your new crush a goldfish!

by Jane Loves Local

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