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Local Tastes Better: Frank's and Francisco's

An American-breakfast diner by day, and Mexican-staple dinner by night, Frank's and Francisco's is what foodie dreams are made of. It's also all-too-close to my new home in Tucson! I may need to start a brunch running club... The Eats

My order of Huevos Rancheros was packed with beans, salsa, and over-easy eggs. The best part was the crunchy tortilla crust. I'll ask for some more heat next time. I think they noticed my ginger slash gringa appearance and assumed mild. Hah!

Mountain Man ordered the Chorizo Burro. Chorizo is sacred in our home, and he deemed this chorizo the second-best of his life! I snuck a bite, and the spice was just right. The large burro could easily feed two.

One plain pancake for the babe. Caleb's first pancake in fact. He LOVED it! Fresh off the griddle, the flavors were sweet and salty (lathered in butter.) Baby Caleb enjoyed scarfing it down with his first tooth as much as he did grabbing fluffy handfuls and playing. Eating his leftovers made for my best mom duty of the day.

The Vibe

Sit on the patio! Especially if you have ADD, ADHD, or children. There is so much to see beneath the cool canopies. Caleb marveled at the motorcycles as we did with the 70-degree-temperature in the shade. There is little decoration except for the smiles across every patrons face. That's the best sort of decor if you ask me! Frank's and Francisco's is the sort of place you feel comfortable to wear what you want and breathe easy in between bites of breakfast heaven. This morning, one server kept the ENTIRE place happy! She may very well be part ninja. Server ID #2 is all we know her as until we return. Server ID #2 was short-staffed but her warm smile and attention to detail totally fooled us. Quick to spot two new parents, she encouraged us to take to-go coffees. Somehow she even found a second to coo at our babe. An angel to be sure! We will request her every single time.

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