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Pin-up is Powerful: Bertie's Retro Boutique

Jalapeño jam is was lured me into Bertie's Retro Boutique in Historic Haymount. Stand-up comedian Minda makes a wicked jar of locally-sourced Strawberry and Jalapeño jam. (Rumor has it, Bertie's will be the first to carry it this summer in limited-batches.) Behind the counter, was a cluster of femme fatales styling each other's hair and makeup for a retro shoot. Rows of glammy shades and silky 50s dresses invited me closer to them. A ding from the vintage cash register was the cherry on top!

Owner Bertie is an implant from Hawaii. Renowned for her pin-up photography, Bertie is empowering the ladies of Fayetteville one photo-shoot at a time. Women are excited to be their own scorching pin-ups in custom calendars, gifted to their lovers. Pin-up is POWERFUL! All of the powerhouse women at Bertie's model confidence for their kids. Community events act as a stage for Bertie's Pin-ups to show off their style and their message: "Beauty at EVERY size."

Imagine a retro tattoo with pin-tailed detail and shading to kill. You can buy kids clothes designed with the same motifs! I scooped up everything they had in my son's size. In fact, there were eye-catching designs for the whole family! Cheeky accessories poured over the displays. Lip-shaped wristlets and sparkly cat-eyed glasses were a couple faves. The Rockabilly head-pieces (okay hats), transported me to a more glamorous decade.

Go for the goods, stay for the company.

Check out Bertie's Retro Boutique on Facebook Website 1225 Fort Bragg Rd Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305

(910) 401-2879

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