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My North Carolina BUCKET LIST: Part IV

As a modern Army-wife, I have the utmost respect for the Marine-wives whose husbands worked aboard the USS North Carolina during WWII. Snail mail to a Battleship was pretty slow. Not to mention that R&R (visits) were far and few in between. Fortunately for the soldiers, they received homemade pie everyday while separated from their sweethearts. (One cool fact from the tour!)

I was pregnant, I was hot, I was hangry, and there were a lot of stairs. That said, the Battleship tour made my discomfort totally WORTH IT! Nicknamed the "City at Sea", the resources WWII Marines had on board were ahead of their time. Pay extra and get the tour. This un-history buff was even interested. Take a few minutes and write a thank-you-note to a service member at their mini-mailbox. A sweet activity for kiddos too. Raised in Arizona, I have discerning enchilada-tastebuds. Who would have guess that a popular seafood joint would serve up this Mexican dish? Seafood plus tortillas plus crema? Oh yeah! There is a cobblestone path leading tourists to shops and food stops around Downtown Wilmington. Listen, Locals choose to eat HERE.

I was the prudish sort of pregnant and wanted juice instead of alcohol. Watermelon juice is just about the most thirst-quenching thing I can think of. With a little prodding, they crafted their Watermelon cocktail into simply juice. Slurp! Thai-spiced Mussels and a Lobster Claw were cooked to perfection. Very fresh, buttered and flaky bites all around. Stuffed with delicious plates, I regretted not ordering their signature Key Lime Pie. Afraid of busting out a baby (really pregnant at the time), I told myself I would be back soon.

USS NORTH CAROLINA Battleship on Facebook 1 Battleship Rd Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 (910) 399-9100 Dock Street Oyster Bar on Facebook 12 Dock St Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 (910) 762-2827

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