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My North Carolina BUCKET LIST: Part II

The Mast Farm Inn is the perfect romantic getaway only a few hours drive from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our home base. A quaint historical inn full of charm and comfort. The Chef cooks up a complimentary brunch of your dreams! Baked french toast, sugared pepper bacon, roasted tomatoes from the garden, grits. I mean, COME ON. Fresh mountain air and locally-sourced food?!

Waiting outside our suite in the morning, was a thermos of freshly-brewed coffee. Ready to power us up for the hiking nearby. (At this point, my husband was ready to move in!) Ask the innkeeper Danielle where exactly the waterfalls are. Tell her your "likes' and she will even put together a sweet itinerary. The Inn boasts a rich history of welcoming in guests since the 1800s. Not to worry, all the accommodations are modern. What remains of the past is its character found in the carved banisters and beautiful hardwoods. Our stay was heavenly in the Cousin Sarah suite. Spread out amongst the property are equally luxe cabins. You really cannot go wrong no matter which you pick!

Relaxed on this porch rocking in the breeze was time well spent. A friendly face topping off my coffee didn't hurt either. The lush green mountains and historic charm seduced us into Banner Elk, North Carolina. Though the hospitality of The Mast Farm Inn was what renewed our minds, bellies, and souls. Click for The Mast Farm Inn's Facebook Page *Military, teacher, anniversary, etc. discounts 2543 Broadstone Rd, Banner Elk, NC 28604 (828) 963-5857

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