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My North Carolina BUCKET LIST: Part I

George-Ann is by far the most entertaining artist I have ever met! Giggles, cold beers, and loads of teamwork, made this one of my favorite maker-memories! Couples in need of a perk-up, I HIGHLY recommend this activity. Glass-blowing is beautiful, but also a huge exercise in trust.

Firefly Hotglass Studio in Durham, NC is a bit rustic on the outside and a total artist compound on the inside. There are welders, gaffers (glass-blowers), carpenters, and sculptors inside this artist co-op. Wander around during glass-breaks. Get it? No food though, so bring snacks. Back to the glass!

Round one, we reserved a private class. No toe-dippers here! It was worth every penny. As a team, we crafted 1 bowl, blew 2 christmas ornaments, and twisted 2 paperweights. WARNING: Twisting and torching glass is oddly satisfying and very addicting! My hubby Aaron and I just couldn't stay away. Pumpkins and Fall are like crack to me. So imagine how fast I signed us up for the pumpkin class?! Wink, wink.

P.S. This was a great exercise to see glass recycled (most glass in 25% recycled in its purchased container.) Also as a control freak, working WITH the material and yielding to it, helped me grow. Trusting myself around a 2,000 degree glass oven with foreign tools, pushed me to be more confident. More brave. My husband told me he was proud of me that day.

Click for Firefly Hotglass Studio's Facebook page! *Ask for George-Ann when you email (busy wonderful artist with no time for phone calls) 800 Taylor St (58.67 mi)Durham, North Carolina 27701

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