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Eating Alfresco at Antonella's

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK As Fayetteville finally begins to warm up, foodies are seeking out alfresco dining options. Antonella's Italian Ristorante seemed like the usual fancy-pants Italian bistro. It was not. Antonella's was BETTER! An Anniversary gift from a family friend sent us there. The drinks were refreshing and poured perfectly. Appetizers were served quickly with attention to plating. One chocolate mousse cake in particular, promises to haunt our dreams.

ORDER THIS The Basil Lemonade is so fresh and tart, you could call it "Summer in a glass." My husband's love languages consist of cheese, bread, and beer. So he ordered the Lasagna Dip and SCARFED IT DOWN beside a cool Yuengling. With the sun warming up my skin, a light Bruschetta was more my style. Some warn that it's on the garlicky-side. WRONG! It had hints of garlic with fresh herbs. (You could still totally make out after a date-night!) Mousse cake seems to be the fried croissant of 2017. I am not complaining. Chocolate melded into cheesecake, and then back to chocolate cake. Unless you are in love with your fellow diner, order your own piece.


"O" is as vivacious as she is helpful. Impressing this serial-eater with service is not easy. Somewhere between suggestions of tasty apps and cooing at my baby, I fell in love with her! "O" treated my table like it gave her no greater joy. I will be back for her hospitality. The delicious food is just a bonus.

FAMS Squirmy is one word I use to describe my four-month-old. He was one of the three babies enjoying lunch on the patio! Before you young couples groan (I have been there no judgement), there was not a singe peep out of the three. With all of the sights and sounds, little ones settle right down. Sitting alfresco with a drink in my hand, baby Caleb happy to simply look around, and my husband smiling back at me, I got a piece of my soul back.

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