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Feeling Salty? Go to Floating Shanti

Last night, I was a salty Mermaid! Sensory deprivation is a buzzing topic for 2018. It was nothing like what I had expected.

Brand-spanking new to Downtown Fayetteville is the Floating Shanti. A mecca for reiki, reflexology, yoga, and flotation therapy. In our home, when somebody is being sassy we call it "Salty." Sleep deprivation has made me VERY "Salty." The effect the salt flotation therapy had on me was bizarre. Floating Shanti on Facebook

THE EXPERIENCE: Full disclosure: I am a control freak. So the thought of floating, potentially naked, was a little weird. Fellow control-freaks, I recommend taking away one sense at a time. Maybe sound, then body, and sight last. After 10 minutes, I was twirling around pretending to be a mermaid, then superwoman. This was super realistic because the salt puts your body into slow-motion as you drift weightlessly. By the 15-minute-mark, I finally settled down. It was as though the salt was sucking all of the crud (more like noise) out of my brain. I was AT PEACE.

THE PREP: The warm water is only knee-deep (I'm a giant, so maybe less for you.) If you are not a strong swimmer, you have nothing to be worried about! You also do not need to be athletic. Moving in and out of the floating area was so easy my grandma could do it. I arrived in full hair and makeup. Don't be foolish like me. You will shower there before and after your float. Lining the shower stall were dreamy DoTerra bath products free to use. As the mom of a new baby, I basked in the luxury of the essential oil shampoos and two showers by myself!

THE GEAR: Silicon "squishies" will plug your ears. They were so soft, I forgot about them.

Your choice of swimsuit or birthday suit hehe. The room is completely private.

A fun foam halo to rest your head on in the water.

*TIP* Bring a hair dryer!

THE AFTER: This is going to sound crazy. I felt NICER. Waking up this morning after just a few hours of sleep with my newborn baby, I felt more grateful. I had the patience of a grandma who could not be phased. My husband's jokes even seemed funnier. Somehow the salt had cleansed me mind, body, and soul.

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