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Xio's Liquid Glamour: Comic-Con Part II

Next weekend is Fayetteville Comic-Con. I requested an "Ice Queen" and Xiomara Paredes brought this to life! Her story is equally transformational. As a child Xiomara was teased for her appearance following a traumatic bus accident. One of her eyes was badly turned in leaving her blind in one eye, and her skin had to recover after being battered by the road. She struggled for years to feel beautiful. It was when Xiomara began beauty school, and worked with nursing home clients, that her blossoming began. Witnessing the shift in confidence of these elderly ladies just by her styling their hair left a mark on Xiomara. She had found her passion: making others feel beautiful!

Xiomara is scheduling Comic-Con looks October 22nd. Makeup looks start at $45, wit hair and makeup combos starting at $75. Book Here

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