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Dragon's Lair: Comic-Con Part I

Owner: Bernie Mangiboyat 6243 Yadkin Rd, Ste 104 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303

(910) 491-5747 Are you as passionate about comics as your customers? "I have been collecting since 5 or 6. My parents would each give me 50 cents to put in the plate at church. What they did not know was half went in, and the other half bought a comic." A Fayetteville native, "A special trip was to the PX with my dad where I picked out a bright superhero comic. My addiction turned into owning a business."

How has the comic industry changed? "FEMALES! In the 80s and 90s, it was like seeing a Velociraptor or T-Rex if you saw a female in a comic book store. You were a really brave guy, if your brought in your girlfriend."

Your store feels like a little town, why? "We are here to serve you. We are not just about making money, I can't charge robbery prices! We want to help you find something that you like and help build a community." You could feel this as customers came in, and Bernie personally helped them even with other employees there. Everyone felt like family.

Is it true, you were a rock star?

He chuckles, " Yes, I played bass for The Fifth from 2001-2013. We played everywhere from Fayetteville to Japan. We got going when the Fayetteville music scene really started."

Each month, artists and comic-lovers join forces to dine together and design covers for a prize. Then covers are raffled off to raise money for 2 local charities!

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