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Plum Sauce & Patterns in Dunn

Flamingos and florals were not a part of my fashion vocabulary on the West Coast. I have appreciated the bold colors and patterns on others, but never myself. You Southern Belles have FINALLY worn me down!

Stop #1 Pretties & Co. led me over the dark side this weekend, or really the bight side. This boutique in Downtown Dunn is overflowing with gorgeous maxi dresses, chic racerback tanks, and GOBS of glittery bracelets. Fitting my pregnancy bump into their soft stretchy fabrics made me feel beautiful!

*Their dressing rooms are the cutest things since jean jackets for babies!*

Stop #2 Eat CARROT CAKE and lunch at Broad St. Deli and Market a few doors down. Get plum sauce on your sandwich! My husband ordered the famous "Life of Riley" sandwich and let's just say he wasn't a conversationalist during that meal. Haha must have been yummy!

*Don't waste your time on their soups, the sandwiches are the pièce de résistance here.*

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