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10 GF Plates in Fayetteville

5 gals on a GF: gluten free crawl in Fayetteville, NC.


Plate I - Burrata cheese and olives. This is like the food version of a dirty martini!

Plate 2- Falafel with Tzatziki. You had me at fried balls! GF or not, you will gobble these up.

Plate 3- Can you ever go wrong with hummus?!

Plate 4- Dolma or stuffed grape leaves are little works of art. The flavor is not subtle so proceed with caution.

Taste of West Africa

Plate 5-I have not met a toddler or grandma that did not gobble up fried plantains. If you are dipping your toes into African cuisine, start with plantains.

Plate 6- Kelewele. Say that and TRY not to smile! A spicier savory plantain dish.

Plate 7- Stewed chicken. It falls off the bone and melts in your mouth.

Plate 8- Peanut butter soup with goat. You just have to take one bite to fall in love!

Plate 9- Okra Soup with bell peppers made it gluten free and vegan.

Rude Awakening-

The first coffee shop to hear gluten-free-bees needs. They stock some of JP's Pastry's yummiest treats. You would never guess they were gluten free!

Plate 10- Vegan and GF Morning Glory muffins. Surprisingly moist. We gobbled these down before photos sorry!

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