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Local Tastes Better: Crockery Cafe and Infusery

Comfort-food made fresh in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.

WHO: A love of food runs in the family! From the moment he could reach the counter, Vince learned to cook from his chef father. Traveling from Vegas to now Arizona, Chef Vince’s dreams grew as his skills did. 6-year local Chef Vince fell in love with the White Mountains. With a lifetime career in food as a kitchen specialist for Kroger, and then chef himself (at local Eddie’s Country Store Cafe and Lion’s Den), 2019 emboldened him to open his own food shop. His father could not be more proud. And foodies like us are thankful for a small business option to stuff our faces!

WHY: Sourcing local means tastier food and a heart for community. Chef Vince make choices for the community, like sourcing meat from Snowflakes butchers. By adding fresh herbs and simmering them hours long in his crock-pot-kithchen, customers find their mouths watering even BEFORE their first bite. A quaint open-air kitchen full of crackpots might surprise you. Its cleanliness shocked me! Every surface sparkled. Produce as humble as carrots, were treated with care. A chef’s apron across owner and Chef Vince, set expectations high. Local tastes better because of chefs like him!

HOW: Besides the unique kitchen set-up, the menu is the most exciting bit! It can found each day posted on Instagram @crockerycafe With flavors and dished changing daily, our palates will never be bored. Expect a rich soup like French Onion simmering away. Then a sandwich such as the pictured Italian Beef layered with love, herbs, cheese, and more cheese. For those really fortunate foodies, sometimes pizza and dessert crank out of this kitchen. It’s fair to say that by now, you all know me to be a “food snob.” Rarely would I walk into a spanking-new cafe and RAVE about every single thing I ate. True to his chef-roots, Vince even makes potato salad better! Crockery Cafe and Infusery takes comfort food that everyone on the mountain loves, and cranks it up a few notches. Kids can even get in on the action with fried PB&J’s. For my hometown of Pinetop: I couldn’t be happier. Or more full! Root for Crockery Cafe and Infusery at the White Mountain Chili Cook off February 8, 2020.

Coming very soon to the “Crockery”, are TO-GO meals. Hallelujiah! A foodie realized that working folks on the mountain need more than drive-thru’s. Travelers renting a weekend cabin: order a few for your group and enjoy more time on the ski-slopes. Or relaxing in a rocking chair with your newfound favorite stew.


Simply call the Crockery: (928) 242-6885 a few days in advance of your desired meal. Chef Vince will give you options to include sides that will feed families both large and small. Drop-off your crockpot, and pick it up full of delicious enchiladas. Or perhaps lasagna, with a salad so good your kids will eat it. Heck, get TWO! That’s what I call self-care in 2020.

Hours: 11-5 Mon-Sun

43 E White Mountain Blvd, Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ 85935

(*Shared space with Sweetpea’s CBD Infusery. All ages welcome inside!)

(928) 242-6885

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