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Local Tastes Better: The Korner Cafe

This winter, I bought a house in the country. So far in fact, that DoorDash does not deliver. Insert my horrified face! Yes there are chains nearby but we love LOCAL peeps. So imagine my surprise when I take a wrong turn and discover a mini-mall of local shops. Even a local hardware store. Buzzing around me were seniors on golf carts. Beside one of the ten stops signs, stood a board for The Korner Cafe. My family and I wandered inside...

The Food: Breakfast was tasty! The eggs lacked flavor but the French Toast... DE-HE-LICOUS! A light layer of crunch held its own among the sea of butter and syrup. (My doing.) The Hubby ordered Biscuits and Gravy. No bites left behind on his plate either. Our little foodie-in-training was delivered a fresh hotcake. It needed something. Maybe buttermilk? Vanilla?

The Coffee: On the weak side. Though festive Christmas mugs made me smile.

The Service: Really sweet staff who smile and care. They won't bother you so if you need something, seek them out.

The Price: AMAZING!

RECAP: A no-frills diner cooking up tasty comfort food.

The Korner Cafe 3053 S Kinney Rd Tucson, Arizona 85713 (520) 883-7101

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