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How to Rock your Mom-Hair: Belle Starr Salon

Hair can make or break you! Your spirits. Your attitude about life. Thank the Lord for Tucson's local Hair Fairy-Godmother: Cass. Belle Starr Salon is hidden behind saguaros and stucco in the city. Step inside to sweet fairy lights and a bar of gifts handmade in Tucson. It is obvious how much love and care went into this salon.

Oodles of "shear" science is what you will learn from stylist and owner Cass. Cass teaches clients so much about their hair care, that her killer cuts become a BONUS! One look at my locks, and she knew I took scalding hot showers. The breakage in my hair was her clue to my usual mom-bun-style. My absolute favorite part was the EASY 2 and 5-minute hairstyles she coached me through.

HOW TO ROCK YOUR MOM HAIR: #1 Blow-dry the roots.

Volume is created in minutes with a blow dryer at your roots. Avoid those dang teasing combs. (Sorry Dolly Parton.) #2 Turn that scorching shower down a notch! Water should be as cool as comfortable. Hot water dries out your skin and your scalp too. Goodbye dandruff. #3 Shampoo ONLY the scalp. Condition ONLY the ends. Not sure why this common sense hair-care did not sink in sooner... My ends are becoming noticeably shinier and stronger.

#4 Move your hair around to keep it strong. That worn spot in my hairline from my mom-bun nest. Yeah that was turning pretty ugly. A bun on top Monday, a side braid Tuesday, and down on Wednesday, made all the difference. Mom-hair BE GONE! by Jane Loves Local

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