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Local Tastes Better: Fayetteville's Bakery Cake and Coffee Shop

Fayetteville's melting pot continues to grow and grow. Pineapple Pudin and Beef Empanadas kicked this new bakery up a notch! Here you will find danishes, cakes, pies, breads, rolls, pastries, and coffee drinks all made fresh daily. For locally-baked goods, you won't believe the prices. One tasty Macchiato and a GIANT brown bag full of sweet treats and savory rolls rang up to only $16! Can you say, "Brunch Party?!"

THE STARS: Thank heavens there were TWO Bacon Cheese Rolls tucked away. Smokey bacon bites got the morning started in the right way. Cool and dripping in carmel, iced coffee jingled in my cup. The coffee was excellent! Bump up the danish crust with some butter, and you have a star! The Strawberry-Cheese Danish called out to my Mountain Man. He loved the filling but wished for a more soft dough. (Though maybe we just need to arrive closer to baking times.)

Guava is one of those things that people either love or hate. After eating it by the jar abroad one year in Costa Rica, I cannot get enough! Guava is a deep-in-flavor, not overly sweet fruit. Bakery with Guava is a rare find even in Fayetteville. Pineapple Pudin de Pan (similar to bread pudding but in cake form), was an unexpected twist that my palette was not ready for. Once I recognized the flavor, the moist little pudding cake was a nice bite. The tropical flavors mimicked Fayetteville's beach-like weather this weekend.

As a Germaphobe, I notice cleanliness. Boy was Fayetteville's Bakery Cake and Coffee Shop CLEAN! There were tables for days, a cozy couch corner, even outdoor seating. Students needing quiet caffeination, this is your study spot. I'm headed back next weekend with a messy bun and sweats to grab my glorious TO-GO-BAG for brunch. Trust me, you should do the same!

Fayetteville's Bakery Cake and Coffee Shop on Facebook Website 3037 A Boone Trail Ext Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304 910) 920-3192

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