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It's FINALLY Fall Coffee Guide

It's beginning to feel a lot like FA-ALL! ♪ ♫ ♬ I know Winter is around the corner, but let's embrace the now. Moments spent with family and friends this season can be both joyous and exhausting. Reconnecting to my roots almost always helps me. Two things warm the soul; deep talks, and warm drinks!

Molly Arnold owns the purple coffee shop in Downtown Fayetteville: Rude Awakening. Checkerboard floors welcome your feet to stand in line with all sorts of folks! I have bumped into old bosses, glam salon stylists, Secret Service, crochet clubs, and homeless locals. (PSSST, Olivia Newton John has been here!)

"Every customer is a customer I'm grateful for", Molly shares. Molly is a gem of a person, an entrepreneur, and a community builder Downtown. More of her story to come! (Wondering who took these fab photos? Well I cannot wait to tell you about her either! Stay tuned.)

I promised a COFFEE GUIDE, so here it is!


Puerto Rico continues to pull on everyone's heart-strings. With so many residents fleeing to family in Fayetteville, help them feel more at home with a cup of Coquito. This Puerto-Rican version of eggnog blends coconut with cinnamon. (Bring your own flask of rum for a spirited holiday drink!)


Personal story: As teenagers, my husband and I fell in love over cups of spicy hot cocoa, as we watched the sun rise. Our time was always sweet and spicy! (If you like it really hot, stash some chili powder in your pocket and level up! WARNING: Do not drink hot beverages out of metal mugs, you will get burned and it will HURT! I am more book smart I swear.)

3. IRISH LATTE-IRELAND Creamy and dreamy describe this Ireland-inspired latte. Sip this triple-shot slowly or you'll be dancing like a drunken Leprechaun! Request this drink with as much whipped cream as a Guiness has foam, and you'll be in heaven. (Love my orange and blue mug? Greg's Pottery has the goods!)


A flower blooming into floral notes of lavender, and sweet cream, brings us over to England. Who doesn't want to feel like a queen?! Rude Awakening's fabulous foam machine can print anything you can imagine into your drink.

Photo magic by Jennifer Cochran Photography.

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