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50 Minutes in Fuquay

50 minutes in Fuquay is sweeter than 7 minutes in heaven! (Sorry I had to!) We arrived at the shops in Downtown Fuquay in under an hour from Fort Bragg, NC. *DAY TRIP STATUS*

Stop #1 Stick Boy Bread Co.

Best FREAKIN cinnamon roll of our lives!!!!! I would eat anchovies if you put this cream cheese frosting on it! With a weakness for stollen bread, the hubs was quick to order the Blueberry-glazed mini loaf. Full of berries and nuts, and a kiss of orange to seal the deal!

Brioche is a small cloud of bread usually filled with something fabulous. Here it was BACON! 2 please! The staff here was so kind, we left feeling hugged by Grandma.

Stop #2 Chocolate Fix (next door)

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to luxury French goods, I prefer a snobbier shop owner. Haha, it somehow shouts, "Authentic!" The chocolate melt-aways (truffles) were unbelievable! On par with some of the best chocolatiers I ordered from in Las Vegas. The carmel turtles were perfectly crunchy. The prices were really very reasonable.

In case you need a hilarious stocking stuffer, there is gourmet milk chocolate in some outrageous molds. Not going to ruin the fun, you just must go!

#eatlocal #bakery #fuquay #fuquayvarina #chocolatier #daytrip

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