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Private Party: Locavores ONLY

Twinkly lights and local bites, this is how the cool kids eat! Locavore pop-ups are the new underground "Dinner Club" of North Carolina. Last week, non-profit Sustainable Sandhills showed off local farmers and their big hearts for raising meat the right way.

The menu was prepared by Chefs Orlando Jinzo and Sonja Mccarrell, Locavores themselves.

Cedar Roost started off the evening. Crispy pig ears or "chicharrones" need to top every deviled egg! Cruuncch! Tarragon dumplings were another welcomed update to these Southern staples.

The lord and lady of Cathis Farm know their meat! The Vietnamese Beef Tartare sourced from their second-generation farm was tasty and delicate. Bring the family and hangout with them on the farm Monday's 5-7pm in Lillington.

Spring Lake's McCormick Farm shared their pasture-raised Skirt Steak with Kimchi Rice Balls. This is the comfort food for everyone missing their mama's! I challenge you to meditate on the farmers that dedicate their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a stress-free and cage-free environment. They are the food heroes I want to support.

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