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My North Carolina BUCKET LIST: Part III

Riding the border between North Carolina and Kentucky is a a glorious bit of land. Never before had I REALLY enjoyed camping. Crumpler, North Carolina certainly changed my mind. Tent, cabin, and RV-camping are all options at Twin Rivers Family Campground. We opted for a tent right on the water. I could cry as I recall waking up to fog on the water as coffee percolated on the fire. It all stirred up a new happiness in my soul.

A short minute or so walk from your tent, there is a general store full of campfire and fishing supplies. Also sign up for kayaking on New River with the friendly faces at the general store. Though make sure water levels are high. Memories were made BUT by mile 3, I cried in frustration from scooting my booty over boulders.

My husband is an avid camper and it was his favorite trip of all time! Our minds were able to escape into the lush green, and meditate on the trickling river. As I fell in love with camping, my Mountain Man fell more in love with me. Here I sit in a camping chair with pressed Apple Cider (A Bit of Carolina) in my Solo cup. A Shandy in the sun would have been equally wonderful. Everyone was on vacation at the campground. Further up was a sandbar where barefoot kids delighted at their "treasures." One tent over, a sweet family of campers was swinging in their hammock. Envious, I vowed to bring one next time. That's my tip for you! P.S. There ARE bathrooms! Rustic but doable with water shoes. Check out Twin Rivers Family Campground on Facebook (336) 982-3456 1863 Garvey Bridge Rd

Crumpler, North Carolina 28617

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